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Best Home Disinfection Service Disinfect Your Home with Al Kubara Disinfection services in this COVID Time and breathe in a healthier lifestyle

Covid-19 virus is a subtle mode of transmission and contraction among humans, to insulate against future waves and for the people especially those who are at most risk (above 60 years of age, suffering from breathing problems) we must step forward to stop the spread of this deadly virus. We have stepped forward for the cause of making health technology equitably accessible for everyone who got positive or was in contact with a positive person.

Public health and primary health care are essential for safeguarding societies, and economies against the impact of future pandemics and other health emergencies. We at Al Kubara Disinfection are providing every facility possible to fight against Covid offering sterilization and disinfection services for Flats / Villas, Offices, Restaurants, Warehouses, Cars, and Garden Areas using a ULV fogger machine. The ECA (Electro Chemically Activated) Disinfectant – Nades 2.0 we use is approved by the Dubai Municipality. We are vastly spread covering the emirates of Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Disinfection FAQ
  • What’s Included?
  • Our disinfection process includes 5 simple steps:
  • How long does disinfection take?

    Disinfection and sanitization process is usually a fast and efficient process, depending on the size of the apartment/ office. For example, one bedroom apartment would usually take 20 to 30 minutes.

  • What chemical is used and is it harmful?

    We use only the best disinfectant which is a water-based solution. It is non-irritating to the skin, 100% safe for children, pets and all surface types. More about the disinfectant below:

    • -Disinfectant used: NADES2.0.
    • -EPA registered.
    • -Dubai Municipality approved disinfectant.
    • -Hospital grade disinfectant.
    • -Kills 99.999% bacteria and viruses.
    • -No rinse or wipe required as it breaks down into simple salt producing no harmful by products.
  • What’s the price for this service?

    The price of disinfection and sanitization depends on the size of the apartment or facility where the service will take place.

  • How can i book the disinfection services?

    Please Call or WhatsApp us at +971566078022

  • What is The Payment method For Disinfection Services?

    Direct cash payments after the disinfection service or Cash Deposit in the ATM Account or Bank Transfer are some of the suitable payment methods for the disinfection services in Dubai.


Verified Customer Reviews

Queen Keios
Queen Keios
13:34 31 Jul 21
I have contacted several companies who are offering the same as Al Kubara. However, the difference between them is... that, Al Kubara is the most responsive, punctual and very professional with the great service that's worth the price. I will definitely recommend them.read more
farah siddiqi
farah siddiqi
16:04 06 Jul 21
Hey guys!incase anyone is looking for a fabulous home disinfection and sanitization company, I have called several and... wanted to share the one that has given the best customer service and most thorough service in my home and vehicles. Their price was also fantastic for the product and procedure used. (Don't ask me about the crazy expensive famous company that was offering the same products for double)Please consider using this great team. They are certified and trained by Dubai Health and will provide a certificate for your space after their service.The total process was effortless. They simply come in and use a fogging machine(similar to the one our kids went through to enter school back in the fall) all over your spaces. It is safe for pets and children. It takes about 30 minutes to keep the spaces closed with the fogging and then you can ventilate and re-enter the space. The whole process depends on the size of your space ofcourse.read more
Abdul Azeez
Abdul Azeez
09:18 18 May 21
We call them to disinfect our home. The disinfection guy was professional. I recommend this company 100% for covid-19... disinfection.read more
Dipendra Tulsiyan
Dipendra Tulsiyan
14:31 10 May 21
We had taken disinfection service for our home. Staff were helpful, polite and considerate. Good service overall.
fayaz muhammed
fayaz muhammed
09:08 11 Feb 21
Great service! Truly professional! Punctual, cooperated in every sense
Mechar Pataueg
Mechar Pataueg
14:01 03 Feb 21
Very professional and friendly. I will recommend your service to my colleagues and friends.
Vish R
Vish R
14:03 28 Jan 21
The company provided disinfecting services. They were very responsive to all my questions and provided a very... competitive price. The representative arrived earlier than expected and was very thorough in the execution of his work. A certificate was also provided once the work was completed. Would highly recommend.read more
15:22 12 Jan 21
They have a quick response and good service.they are even professional in terms of time scheduling.they came on time... and everything was done smoothlyI recommend this company.it worth the money u pay.read more
Krishna t
Krishna t
11:18 23 Dec 20
Saw there advt in Groupon and spoke to them. Really good professional team and the staff was very attentive to the... orders requested by me. Did the sterilization for my bed room and he covered all the corners & made sure everything was done properly.read more
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